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Orange County, California Bail Bond Information

When you or a loved one is arrested and charged of a crime, there is usually bail set that will release the person until they are called back for a hearing. Bail in California can range widely, with a simple DUI at around $15,000; a DUI with an accident is $50,000.

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When someone gets arrested, they are taken to the jail and booked. The Orange County bail bond booking procedure can be lengthy process and may take many hours, depending on the facility and other factors.

After being arrested the defendant is taken to a detention center at the local police station and put through a booking process. Booking is a way to document the incident and identify the person arrested. During booking the police will determine the true identity of the person arrested, if they are wanted for any other crimes, record the activity and history of the arrest, and determine if the defendant can be released or required to have bail set.

If you are arrested, you should expect the following procedures:

  • Personal information – the booking officer will ask you your name, phone and social security number and address. They will also ask who your next of kin is.
  • Your Photo – They will photograph you (a “mug shot”) for the records.
  • Your personal property collected – All your personal items will be taken and saved in a safe place. Your wallet, jewelry, everything will be collected, and you will be issued a receipt. These belongings will be given back to you leave (unless you had an illegal substance or items used as evidence).
  • Fingerprinting – Your fingerprints will be taken and they will be run through the federal database to see if you match any other cases, have other charges, warrants or arrests.
  • Body Search – a jail employee of or police officer the same sex will administer a body search to make sure you have no weapons or illegal substances that you have failed to surrender. It could be a simple pat-down, or they could do an entire body search, including body cavities.

After you are booked, you are taken to a jail cell to await being bailed out or released. You will be allowed a phone call so that you can let your loved ones or a friend know where you are and start the bail process if necessary. This is when you should contact an Orange County bail bonds agent. If you are not released or bailed out, you will be held until you are called to appear before the judge.

There are a few important things to when you make your phone call. No one can call you back when you are in jail and only get one call to provide the bail information the other person will need:

  1. Full name, date of birth
  2. The jail that you are in.
  3. The amount of the bail, and the 10% fee for a Orange County bail bonds agent. If the person on the phone can come up with the bail in cash, you will not need the 10%. Make sure they know you want to be bailed out as soon as possible. Most people will need the service of bail bonds in Orange County, so they need only come up with the 10% non-refundable fee.

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