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Free bail information about shoplifting from top professional bail bond agents

Commercial burglary also called shoplifting is the act of stealing merchandise or property from a retail establishment. Shoplifting is among the most common arrests for police, and one of the most common crimes seen in the courts. While most shoplifting is done by amateurs there are individuals and even groups who shoplift for a living. Shoplifting has a tremendous impact on the bottom line of retailers who report that around 0.6% of their inventory disappears from their shelves as a direct result of shoplifters. Petty theft of this kind is such a problem that it accounts for up to 30.6% of business shrinkage reported by small and medium sized businesses. Bail amounts for shoplifters are generally fairly low, but they can vary depending on the value of the stolen merchandise and whether or not the defendant has any prior arrests. Regardless of the amount, Plotkin Bail Bonds Company is available to provide bail bond assistance if you or a family member have been arrested for shoplifting.

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